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Support groups

Support Groups and Programmes

Hibiscus House regularly hosts a range of group meetings and support programmes for patients and their caregivers which are run by trained volunteers and overseen by our clinical and family support teams.  Patients and caregivers come in for 1-2 hours of support, sharing, fun and laughter. Specific relaxation activities are also enjoyed in this very supportive and friendly environment.
Caregivers Programme
Who: A group for caregivers of patients at Hospice.
What purpose: The group is run by trained and experienced counsellors, and combines some education and support. Topics include nutrition, funeral planning, relaxation strategies, support services and many many more.
When: The group runs from 10:30am to 12pm on Wednesdays throughout the year, with a lovely morning tea provided by Hospice. We know that life happens so attendance is not compulsory each week.

If you wish to attend you can either turn up at the time and date specified, or if you.


Men's Group
Who: Primarily for bereaved men, though patients are also welcome if they are able.
What purpose: Men' group is a social group with a different guest speaker each time.
When: Alternate Mondays with a lunch provided.
For more information: And to see the programme of guest speakers, please contact Vincent on 09 421 9180.


Women's Group
Who: For bereaved women.
What: Primarily a social and support based group.
When: Alternate Tuesdays. Once a month the group visits a different café or spot for lunch, and once a month meets at Hibiscus Hospice.
For more information: Please contact Barbara on or 09 421 9180


Tai Chi
Who: Run for anyone within the Hospice service.
What: Low impact movement to music designed to promote relaxation, improve balance and movement.
When: Mondays 10:30am to 12pm
Relaxation and Self-Care
Who: For patients and caregivers
What: There is a growing body of research about the effectiveness of mindfulness in promoting wellbeing. The group provides information for patients and caregivers about a range of topics such as stress management, nutrition, exercise, and other topics. The group is run by our qualified yoga teacher and social worker, Brendon Sakey.
When: Thursday mornings 10:30am until 12pm with morning tea provided. The group is run for 6 weeks on and 4-6 weeks off depending on demand.
For more information: Contact Brendon Sakey on 09 421 9180 or


Stepping Out
Who: For those bereaved within the last 6 months (approx).
What: A support based group for those recently bereaved.

Thursday mornings 10:30am until 12pm with morning tea. The group runs approximately four times per year, for six weeks at a time.

For more information: Please contact Barbara on or 09 421 9180.


Pamper Days
Who: For bereaved women.
What: We have qualified professionals who volunteer their time to come and give massage, haircuts and manicures.
When: Bi-monthly on a Sunday.
For more information Contact Susan on 09 42 9180.


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