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Youth Ambassador Programme

Hibiscus Hospice Youth Ambassador Programme
Hibiscus Hospice would like to invite young supporters of Hibiscus Hospice to apply to be a part of our Youth Ambassador Programme.  The programme is open to students from Year 9 to Year 13.
Youth Ambassadors will play an important role in positively raising the profile of Hibiscus Hospice in the local community and enthusing other young people to become involved with Hospice.
Through the Youth Ambassador network, Ambassadors should actively contribute to community awareness of fundraising and volunteering, as well as sharing their experiences and ideas in an engaging and positive way.
Attributes required:
  • Able to demonstrate an understanding and compassion of Hibiscus Hospice and the work we do.
  • Hard working and a team player.
  • An articulate and confident communicator.
  • Enjoy and have a passion for volunteering and fundraising.
  • A commitment to be involved in a local community charity.
  • Reliability and role model behaviour.
Over a 12 month period you must commit to:
  • Volunteering at a minimum of 3 Hospice fundraising events and/or Community Appeals.
  • Be pro-active in spreading the word about Hibiscus Hospice among your peers, family and friends.
  • Engaging in regular communication between Hibiscus Hospice Fundraising department and other Youth Ambassadors, via email, phone, social media and in person as applicable.
  • Providing input into new ideas for developing awareness and raising funds for Hibiscus Hospice.  This could be event ideas, fundraising ideas, video, brochure, social media competition or public speaking.
Opportunities and Benefits to Ambassadors:
  • The opportunity to share new fundraising ideas and drive new initiatives.
  • The opportunity to network with some of the staff members that work at Hospice and learn about their roles, along with key supporters and business partners that support Hibiscus Hospice.
  • Development of skills such as communication, event management and leadership.
  • A greater appreciation of the life journey.
  • Volunteering experience that adds great value to a CV.
  • The opportunity to give back to the community and feel a sense of fulfilment in helping those families who need it the most.
Our Commitment to You:
Hibiscus Hospice will strive to provide you with valuable mentoring and training in a range of areas of your role including:
  • How to talk about Hospice work.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Communication and team work skills.
  • Event management.
  • Fundraising.
  • Public speaking.
  • Networking.

To apply to become a Youth Ambassador you must currently be living, or attending a secondary school, in our community.
Please download and fill in this application form, then post to:
Allie Downing – Planned Giving Coordinator
Hibiscus Hospice
P O Box 66, Whangaparaoa 0943 or
2A John Dee Crescent, Red Beach 0932
or email to