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We are on the hunt for keen knitters to help us out with our Twiddlepet project.  This project aims to create Twiddlepets that can be given to patients and members of the community to help them find comfort.

Twiddlepets are either a knitted sleeve or lap blanket featuring a soft toy and lots of small twiddlybits sewn on to keep fingers busy.  They are a great resource for patients living with dementia.  These patients often experience an increase in stress levels which can manifest in anxiety and agitation, and providing sensory stimulation can be hugely beneficial in improving mood and achieving a state of well-being. 

Makers of Twiddlepets also enjoy some positive outcomes from their creations; knitting is a repetitive skill and has the same benefits as meditation.

If you would like to join our knitters please contact

If you would like to knit a Twiddlepet, download our patterns by clicking here.

If you know someone who would like to have a Twiddlepet made for them, please download our Twiddlepet Adoption Form and return to or Hibiscus Hospice, 2a John Dee Cres, Red Beach.

Twiddles to keep busy fingers happyTwiddles to keep busy fingers happyTwiddles to keep busy fingers happy