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Organise your own event for Hospice

Hibiscus Hospice is involved with many fundraising events and activities. Some we organise ourselves while others are organised by community groups.

We welcome enquiries from individuals and groups wanting to raise funds for our work in the community, but before you get too involved in your planning there a few things you need to do.
  1. Please contact the Hospice Fundraising Manager (421-9180) and outline the event including dates and what input you expect from Hibiscus Hospice.
  1. We would like to know if you have the resources needed to organise whatever it is you have in mind.
  1. Please tell us how you intend to promote the event and details of sponsorship and prizes you may be seeking.
  1. If you are an individual undertaking a challenge and want to support Hibiscus Hospice, please tell us what you have in mind and then we can help you maximise your sponsorship seeking efforts.
  1. There are certain obligations you will need to fulfil before we endorse an event or make our logo available.