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Day Group & Community Volunteer Coordinator - Position Description

Position Description


Position Title:

Day Group & Community Volunteer Coordinator HH/WW


Direct Reports:




Either Warkworth Wellsford Hospice or Hibiscus Hospice, with flexibility to work across both Hospices



May 2017


Reporting To:

Family Support Team Leader HH/WW



1.0 FTE (40 hours per week)


Position Objective

The purpose of the role is to coordinate and facilitate day group programmes for patients, carers and families in collaboration with the Family Support Leader HH/WW. The role will also work with Clinical Leaders to establish and maintain a community volunteer programme that reflects the needs of patients/whanau in the community.

Initially this role will be heavily involved in the set up and development of a day group programme for Hibiscus Hospice and Warkworth Wellsford Hospice.


Key Accountabilities and Expected Results


Expected Results

Developing Day Groups

  • Identify the needs, in conjunction with the Family Support Team Leader, and MDT for the day group programme in Hibiscus and Warkworth/Wellsford.
  • Develop, maintain, grow and evaluate a weekly programme of activities that provide social interaction, facilitate enabling and support, and enable participation and independence for patients, families or other groups as identified.
  • Look for opportunities for offering new groups, through consultation with the Family Support Team Leader and discussion with the wider MDT.
  • Establish a referral criteria for the MDT to ensure appropriate safe referrals.

Facilitating Day Groups

  • Ensure the smooth running of day groups
  • Ensure all aspects of Health & Safety are identified and appropriate Risk Assessments carried out and acted upon.
  • Engage appropriate internal and external parties to act as guest speakers, co-facilitators, trainers, provide entertainment or other activity as part of a programme of planned activities.
  • Work to develop and implement programmes that seek to enable, educate and improve patient outcomes
  • Work from a MDT and holistic approach to care, ensuring attendees are engaged and the curriculum meets their needs.
  • Liaise with the patient’s nurse (IPU or CPC) as needed to understand individual needs and any changes in health that may impact on their attendance.
  • Follow through with members of the MDT any patients who are designated to attend day group but are absent.
  • Ensure patients and drivers are aware of pick up times and any changing needs of patient.
  • Ensure volunteers receive relevant training as agreed with Family Support Leader, i.e. moving & handling, food preparation/handling
  • Ensure attendance and any relevant information is documented in Palcare

Volunteer Coordination to meet the demand

  • Identify areas for community volunteer involvement listening to the MDT, patients and families. Formulate plan with risk assessments, resource needs, budget requirements and education identified for each initiative
  • Develop new services in response to need, with the Clinical Leaders
  • Ensures that key work processes e.g. referrals, are carried out in a best practice manner and are regularly monitored, managed and evaluated

Supervision and development of volunteers

  • Facilitate a de-brief session at the end of each day group if required.
  • Develop training programmes to ensure community volunteers have appropriate knowledge and skills for their area of work
  • Develop and implement a support programme for the volunteers

Compliance & Health and Safety

  • Establishes system for on-going risk assessment of volunteers being lone workers in patients’ homes, driving patients
  • Identifies hazards and works with community volunteers to manage them.


  • Work from an MDT and holistic approach to care, to ensure referrers are engaged with the service provided and appropriate communication is established
  • Involves patients and carers in decision making, offering them informed choices, respecting their views and cultural beliefs and uses interpreters, as appropriate

Any other Reasonable Duties

  • Any other reasonable duties as required by the Family Support Team Leader HH/WW in order to support a happy, safe and high performing work environment.
  • Meet employee responsibilities in accordance with Appendix 1.



Important Working Relationships


  • Family Support Teams
  • Nursing Teams
  • Medical Teams
  • Community Volunteer Coordinator & Volunteers
  • Staff across the Northern Hospice Alliance


  • Patients, families and visitors to the Hospices
  • External groups from a variety of areas within the community who could contribute to Day Groups
  • Hospice New Zealand
  • WDHB


Person Specification



  • Prior work experience in either Social Work, Counselling, Nursing or other relevant healthcare field
  • Experience of leading/facilitating groups
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to work successfully in a diverse team environment.
  • Demonstrated ability in handling multiple priorities, project management and meeting deadlines; strong planning and organizational skills.
  • Proven relationship building, persuasion and influence skills.
  • Understanding of holistic care and the ability to demonstrate this knowledge in context of Palliative / Hospice care and Multi-disciplinary approach
  • High proficiency of computer skills – Microsoft Office Suite - Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher and general knowledge of patient management systems
  • Ability to work autonomously whilst working as part of the interdisciplinary team
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity in dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities
  • Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and biculturalism
  • Meets the Behaviours as set out in Appendix 1.
  • Current NZ Driving license
  • Experience in a palliative care setting
  • Knowledge of the local community, its key issues and customers





Appendix 1

General Responsibilities of an Employee of the Northern Hospice Alliance.

The following responsibilities are shared by all Northern Hospice Alliance staff. Please read this section carefully as it contains important information that applies to your role every day.

General Responsibilities


What’s Expected of You

Professional Standards

  • Maintain any qualifications, including registrations and practising certificates, required for legal and safe practice
  • Keep yourself up to date on knowledge, best practices and legislation relating to your work
  • Make a personal contribution towards effective and efficient working relationships with your team and other NHA Teams
  • Ensure you carry out your work in a way that is customer focused and meets professional standards
  • In conjunction with your manager, identify your own training needs and plan to meet these needs
  • Manage your own time and prioritise your work effectively.

Legislation, Regulations and Organisational Policies

  • Be familiar with and adhere to the provision of:
  • All relevant acts and regulations
  • All organisational policies
  • Relevant procedure manuals.

Health and Safety

  • Carry out work in a healthy and safe manner
  • Encourage and assist others to work in the same way
  • Report and rectify any unsafe workplace conditions/practices
  • Complete an accident report for any accident, injury or near miss which has taken place at work in a timely manner
  • Co-operate with, support and promote health and safety actions and initiatives in the workplace
  • Read and understand the health and safety manual and the emergency plan
  • Keep your knowledge of identified hazards up-to-date.


  • Adhere to the Privacy Act 1993 and the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 and subsequent amendments in regard to the non-disclosure of information
  • Strict confidentiality of patient, applicant and employee information is maintained at all times.


  • Thoughtful of other people and take time to put yourself in other people shoes
  • Positive about what we can achieve, high standards and motivate others to achieve
  • Open, flexible and accepting of challenges
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Honest with yourself and with others
  • Resources are used thoughtfully and effectively
  • Behave and work in a responsible and ethical manner that is consistent with your profession
  • Understand that everyone has a voice and therefore you listen, acknowledge and respond appropriately
  • Recognise that each individual brings unique qualities to contribute to the group.