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Hospice Services
Palliative care, when commenced immediately upon diagnosis of a terminal illness, can sometimes extend and will nearly always improve the quality of life. Patients are generally more mobile, comfortable and happier.

Palliative care is not specific to cancer or the elderly – Hospice services are provided free of charge for all types of terminal illnesses and regardless of a person’s age, ethnicity, means or religion...

We care for the whole person – not just our patients’ physical needs but also their emotional, spiritual and social needs, if they desire it. We support the family as well, during the period of illness and beyond.

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Help keep nurses on the road

In the Winter issue of Your Hospice Matters - out now:

  • Introducing Harbour Hospice
  • Find out how your support opened doors at Tui House
  • Last chance to buy your lottery tickets! 
  • Look into the exciting year ahead for our 15 Hospice Shops
    dotted across the North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Warkworth & Wellsford areas.
  • You can help keep nurses on the road this Hospice Awareness Week
  • Learn how your Support has made a difference
  • ... and help Hospice meet the demand to care for more families like Chris & Sheila
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National Volunteer Week

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National Volunteer Week celebrates the importance of volunteering in New Zealand and the goodwill of the people who give up their time for it. The theme for this year is: Volunteers, The Heart of our Community – By many, the work will be completed, Mā tini, mā mano, ka rapa te whai. The aim is to remind people of the central and inseparable role of people in keeping volunteering alive.

While the number of Kiwis involved in volunteering has increased over the past decade, the amount of hours worked has decreased. This means, now more than ever, the immensely positive impact of volunteering, felt throughout our communities, the economy and the people themselves needs to be highlighted. Hospice relies heavily on Volunteers to provide the level of care and support required in our community, if you are interested in Volunteering and giving the gift of time, please contact us - or phone 09 421 9180.

National Volunteer Week 2018 will be happening over June 17-23.