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Hospice Services
Palliative care, when commenced immediately upon diagnosis of a terminal illness, can sometimes extend and will nearly always improve the quality of life. Patients are generally more mobile, comfortable and happier.

Palliative care is not specific to cancer or the elderly – Hospice services are provided free of charge for all types of terminal illnesses and regardless of a person’s age, ethnicity, means or religion...

We care for the whole person – not just our patients’ physical needs but also their emotional, spiritual and social needs, if they desire it. We support the family as well, during the period of illness and beyond.

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Please help us to keep our
In Patient Unit open
Our community helped us to build our In Patient Unit back in 2009 - now we're asking for help to keep it open...

Building a local IPU was just the start of the journey. It costs over $2.5million each year to keep the Unit open and as less than a third of this is funded by government, the rest must be raised from the community which holds this service so dear.

If you'd like to help, please consider making a monthly donation in support of your local In Patient Unit. You can download a brochure or sign up here or call our fundraising team on (09) 421 9180 to learn more
New Silverdale Shop
  Celebrating the opening of the new Silverdale Shop

On 26th February staff and volunteers were invited to the official opening of our new hospice shop at 10 Silverdale Street. The blessing was kindly facilitated by Vincent, our Chaplain at Hibiscus Hospice with Jan Nichols and members of the Board sharing stories about the history of the Silverdale shops.

Over a period of 10 years the store has had many wonderful volunteers. Some are still generously giving their time and are enjoying the transition to the new Hospice Store. Now the two stores have merged, (Keith Hay and Francesca’s) the two teams have continued to work their magic. We are now tapping into the skills of the ladies who worked in Francesca’s as well as finding different skill sets among the strong, ever growing team of 54 volunteers. For more information on our Opening Hours click here