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Out patient clinic

Outpatient Clinic

Patients who are mobile come into this clinic for their initial medical assessment with our palliative care nurses. Here we also determine any loan equipment and other needs each patient may have, so they are set up from the outset to make life at home manageable and more comfortable.
Regular appointments follow, where patients can check in with their Hospice nurse to review pain medication and other treatment.
Appointments with our counsellor, spiritual care coordinator or social worker can also be scheduled to happen at or around the same time, wherever possible.
A range of interventional medical services are also conducted at the outpatient clinic, so as patients don’t always have to travel to hospital for treatment. These include:
  • blood transfusions
  • intravenous drug infusion
  • central/venous line flushing
  • disconnection of Chemotherapy infusions
  • Ultrasound guided abdominal paracentesis